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Make Visible: Rewards

Here is an idea to motivate yourself using rewards, rocks and index cards.  I adapted this idea from a post on The Simple Dollar.


Step One:  Index Cards


First, you get 20 index cards for each of your goals, ones you have trouble motivating yourself to do.  The three goals I picked out were exercise, homework and reading.  Make a number of Xs on each card.  For something that takes a lot of time, like homework I only have three Xs, for exercise, 10 Xs and for reading 12 Xs per card.  Then every time you do a step towards your goal, say go for a walk, you punch a hole in the index card.  When you have the card full you give yourself a reward of your own choosing.


Step Two:  Rocks


I like a visual reminder of how far I’ve come.  So every time I punch a hole in one of the index cards I give myself a rock and put it in a glass vase.  I have different color rocks for each goal and a small green pearl every time I fill a card.  I got the rocks at a dollar store.


Step 3:  Rewards


When I fill an index card with punched-out holes I give myself a reward.  They are inexpensive gifts I give myself.  Every other card has 2 rewards and every 5 cards has an extra reward.


Step 4:  Review


Every so often review how far you’ve come and what goals you are still having difficulty with.  I haven’t been doing well on homework, but have been doing great on exercising!  If you try this motivational method, let me know how it works for you.


“Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.”~Robert Bresson, French Film Director

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