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Thank You for the Publication Leads

Hands put over another, palms down.




I have several poems and art works published lately.


First is Issue 1, Volume 2 of the Restoration Earth Journal, My collages and poems appear on pages  21 (“Hathor’s Chorus”), page 79-80 (“La  Fleur” and  “The Photograph” ) and page 95 (“Lady in Red”). I appreciate Anne Westlund for suggesting I submit to that journal, which she is published in as well.


Next, three poems are published in Love and Other Passions by the Poets of Central Florida,  This came about because of a poetry group I belong to. You can find such groups on MeetUp.


Last, I had my poem A Painful Wait and its art work published in Quarter After,


I’d like to thank all those who recommended these venues to me. The power of friends helping friends with publication leads can’t be overestimated. So thank you, everyone!



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