Heart, Soul, and Rough Edges — A Gypsy Journey of Words and Wonder

100 Words 11-5-14 — Inner Editor (IE) On Sabbatical

My poems this month are sharper in subject, words, and unleashed emotions expressed before, but which obviously need more air.

They start as responses to prompts, then become their own creatures. Today’s prompt was “Keep This (Blank)”.

My poem began with expired food in the fridge, and morphed to deep sadness about rotten politics. It veered into nostalgia of times that never are how we remember them. Asked unanswerable questions.

If my IE was on duty, she’d have stopped this before the end, sliced it into at least three partial poems, and tucked them in a drawer.

Thanks for not being here today, IE!

(Wow — 104 words in this post — getting better!)


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