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100 Words: Creative Avoidance

So far, November’s been highly productive for me . . . as a result of not doing my primary task:

~ four new haiku
~ four PAD CHALLENGE poems
~ four 100 Words Posts (including this one)
~ one Poetic Muselings blog post drafted, for publication tomorrow
~ two medical appointments, with game plans for the month (including knee rehab)
~ daily poetry writing goals delineated
. . . and nothing of consequence written on my NaNoWriMo novel yet!

My writing plan for NaNo is every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday long-hauls, with shorter sessions on Fridays and possibly one other day of the week, depending on outside appointments. Last weekend, I worked out the plan, tidied up notes we’d made to start the story.

Today I wrote two poems and the core of this post while waiting at the dentist’s office. On the way home, hubby and I talked about how to tackle the NaNo creature we’re coaxing along.

Brilliant minds worked together to lay out:

~ specific actions (where our MC’s will be going on their year-long adventure)
~ general word counts for each of them
~ how to reorganize my writing schedule on the calendar so
~ I’ll be in the right place (my settings) at the right time
~ with the right characters.

I’m ready to tackle NaNo now. See where the story takes me. Experience the joy of impossible deadlines, and shut down my Inner Editor for the month.


(Perhaps I’ll learn to write 100 Word Posts someday. Including parentheses, I’m at 250 words now!)



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