Heart, Soul, and Rough Edges — A Gypsy Journey of Words and Wonder

Plan B — Stop Bugging Me!

November is underway, two haiku done, three PAD CHALLENGE poems written and shared. Two posts up, and this one in process.

One Big Scary Thing handled. Detailed daily/weekly calendars planned out for poetry projects, days specified for NaNo, with their word counts identified.

Tomorrow, I’ll add healthy stuff, like exercise, to the calendars, after a morning med appointment.

The plates are spinning on their sticks . . . just barely, but under control. Plan B is lurking, chuckling, wondering how long until it’ll be summoned to save the stage.

Keep waiting, Plan B. This year you may remain the understudy. Before bed each night, my 100 Word Posts will join their kin. That’s the key — those 100 Words (or more) shout that I did it today.

(130 words today!)


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