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NaNoWriMo . . . PAD CHALLENGE . . . NaBloPoMo . . . Knee Rehab . . . Rebel

NaBloPoMo_NovemberSo, here it is, another November, filled with hope, wishful and wistful thinking, and far more than I can probably handle for the month. But, this is the ninth year I’ve attempted variations on the theme:

~~ I’ve “won” NaNo four or five times by reaching at least 50,000 words on each novel.  (All are in need of editing, and some have potential for publication.)

~~ I’ve kept this blog available for the new projects, one of which is going back to the “100 WORD POSTS” for the month of November. Each day I plan to note a bit about what I wrote for NaNo, the title of the poem written for the PAD CHALLENGE, or some other accomplishment for the day.

In true REBEL fashion, I will include the word count here as part of my overall word count for the month. Already, with this tiny blurb, I’ve reached one hundred and fifty words!

Tomorrow, info about what a Rebel is, and what kind of rebelling I am.

(total: 165 words before this line.)


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