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Make Visible: Communication

I’m a poet with a particular point of view. In these next blog posts I’ll post poems on different subjects from my point of view. Each poem is an expression, through me, of inspiration or Spirit or emotion. What you see in this light is what you bring to the poem.

What is it about talking? How you can say things but they don’t seem to reach others, and vice-versa. Here’s a poem I wrote about communication last September. I hope you enjoy it!


Talk, Talk, Talk

So many things we can’t say
to each other,
are we hiding the worst parts of ourselves
or the best?

Wearing my heart on my sleeve,
I’m no poker face.
Everyone knows what I’m thinking,
even before I do.

But you…
a charming, un-scalable wall,
a good-natured mountain,
whose stone face
hides so much

We communicate best in gestures,
not words.
The words fail us,
filling up the space
like balloons,
ready to burst.

Where’s the damn pin?

© Anne Westlund

Come back on Friday, August 23rd for Make Visible: Summer of Creativity

“Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.”~Robert Bresson, French Film Director

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