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Poetry Month: Book Spine Poetry

If you’re not aware, April is National Poetry Month. Next week is also National Library Week. is celebrating both with a contest. Use the books from your library to compose a Book Spine Poem telling why the library matters to you (deadline April 20). I haven’t made it out to my library yet, but wanted to make my own book spine poem. This isn’t themed about the library, and was made using my personal library.

A book spine poem is made by stacking book spines so the titles make a free verse poem.

Mary's Book Spine Poem

Mary’s Book Spine Poem

In case that’s hard to read, or the image doesn’t load, it reads:

The Shadow Warrior

Out of Avalon
Through Stone and Sea
Too Stubborn to Die

It was a fun challenge going through all my books, pulling and mixing and shifting trying to find something I liked and that told a story. I’d lvoe to see what you come up with from your own libraries.

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6 thoughts on “Poetry Month: Book Spine Poetry

  1. This was way too much fun to not try. I’ll attempt to link a picture, but if it doesn’t work, I ended up with:

    How to Live on Mars
    In Deep Waters.
    Star born,
    More than Meets the Eye.

    It’s Down to Earth
    Caught by Surprise
    Final Breath…

    Rainbow’s End
    For the taking.

  2. Just wanted to nominate your blog for The Versatile Blogger award (and I hope you don’t mind!)

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