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Waiting to hear on a proposal for a workshop

I got email from the Mass Poetry festival letting me know they’d received my workshop proposal. Fortunately they copied the email I sent them, because I forgot to save a copy.

I don’t know if they will go for it, but, hey, at least I sent it in.


Even if we don’t suffer from writer’s block, we often dismiss our ideas before they have a chance to develop. How many times has a line of poetry popped into your mind only to be dismissed? A subject you dismissed as trite or as something you’d never write about? What are you afraid to tackle?

Don’t let your inner editor choke you off before you start. This workshop will include a series of exercises designed to free your inner muse.
Equipment Needs

  • Table for Presenters
  • Chairs for Presenters
  • Dry erase board
  • Paper and pencils

Target Audience: Anyone who wants to dig deeper and free themselves from their own critical thinking.What makes this distinctive and compelling? We’re all inclined to doubt the worth of our own work and to not pay attention to what it is we want/need to write. We will use group writing exercises as a warm-up to generating poetry, brainstorm starting lines for poems, write poems from various points-of-view: ex mother-in-law, best friend from high school, glass of water on your nightstand, unused computer keys. Anything goes.

This workshop is meant to be fun, to generate some ideas the participants to take away, and to start to develop some techniques they can use to get started when inspiration fails to strike.

Publicity & Audience Development Plan *I blog monthly on, twice monthly on, and on my own blog, as well as guest blogging. I would use these to promote the workshop.

I’d promote on facebook and twitter, try for an article in my local papers, community tv station, and on internet and regular radio as well as emailing my list of contacts about the workshop.

Have you produced this or a similar program before? If so when and where? *I am one of the six Poetic Muselings. We presented a workshop, “Poetry: Not just for writing verse,” at the Muse Online Writers Conference this October.






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2 thoughts on “Waiting to hear on a proposal for a workshop

  1. Michele on said:

    Great idea, Peggy. Each time you put yourself out there, it’s a little easier to do it again. Since our book was published, I helped organize and teach a two-part poetry workshop through our local library, and had a poem published in a collection celebrating our city’s 150th birthday. Our workshop has been picked up to leadoff next summer’s series at the library, which is very exciting.

    And now, I’m comparing for another open mic reading, organized by the same person who led the workshop. He’s dragging me along to do more reading, which does get easier – a little bit – with each venture.

    I hope they are smart enough to pick up your workshop. Keep us posted. Michele

  2. Anne Westlund on said:

    Looks good to me! I want to take this workshop from you, Peggy! I hope you get a chance to present this.

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