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A Poem for Halloween

English: Pumpkin carving - photo taken in dark...

English: Pumpkin carving – photo taken in darkness to show the effect of illumination from within (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Character Parade
By Lin Neiswender


Porch lights off,
Too old for this
Bed calls to me
Time to remember
Nearing years’ end

Every minute precious as it’s recalled
Baby dressed like pea in a pod, held by Mom
Toddler plays the Great Pumpkin role,
Bucket clanking knee
Another knock at the door,
“Trick or Treat!” on sweet young lips
Pirates swagger up the walk, brandishing homemade swords
Beating flowers, bushes, leaves into submission
Hobo tips the hat for candy rewards
As gypsies twirl in flowing skirts
Occasional ghosts or Presidents in mask
Super heroes, fairy princesses whisper soft “Thank you’s”
Most polite, a few greedy

Blow out my pumpkins,
Bring them in,
Another Halloween at its end
Time flies faster than I can ken

©2012 Lin Neiswender

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4 thoughts on “A Poem for Halloween

  1. annewestlund on said:

    Hi Lin, this poem brings back memories. The city fathers don’t allow trick-or-treating in our town. 😦 Good poem!!

  2. ColdCedric on said:

    Nightmare night, nightmare rate,
    Here’s trick or treat to compensate.
    Follow round to shallow rake,
    And feel and hear the shouting make.

    To glimpse above the darken light,
    To see the storming wraith tonight.
    To the descend below the shrouded fool,
    Only sight upon the goddess moon.

    There we hide against her whimsy will,
    To stare upon those darken mood.
    To hear upon her loudly tune,
    That symbols a scary boon.

    Yet all awhile mistake her glance,
    We thought her be a dreadful act.
    Through time and care we glad to pack,
    To cover her in bloody path.

    (That is how you make Halloween

  3. Thanks Anne! That is what I was going for, nostalgia!

  4. Cedric, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a suitably haunted poem! Good work!

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