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Make Visible: Focus on Form: Really Bad Limericks

I wrote these today.  I’m not one to write limericks.  I’m not real comfortable with the form.  The last one is for a special friend of mine.

Here goes nothing!

Presenting Really Bad Limericks:




There was a girl from Savannah

Who had the most terrible manners

She never said please

And often would tease

Even those who tripped on peeled bananas.




There was a man from Seattle

Who got in the rottenest battles

If he sat next to you at a bar

Best to take yourself very far

From his brass knuckles, used often on cattle.


Ocean Shores


There was a woman from Ocean Shores

Who only saw open doors

She was so positive

That God was the causative

With only good things in store.




There was a lady from Orlando

Who was all about the Can-Do

Collages, poems and short stories

Productive, even with her health worries

Wish I had her ducks in a row.


“Savannah,” “Seattle,” “Ocean Shores,” and “Orlando” © Anne Westlund


“Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.”~Robert Bresson, French Film Director

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5 thoughts on “Make Visible: Focus on Form: Really Bad Limericks

  1. I don’t think your poems were bad, quite the difference. Love how you worked in our cities.

  2. There was a young lass from Manhattan
    who tried very hard not to fatten
    It was thus quite a treat
    to have something to eat
    so she ate it in silence, not chattin’.


  3. i’m just a kid from South Africa, my name is Jamie. i really enjoy your poems, i think you guys have a great potential, one day i’m gonna be a writer, and you guys inspire me more than EVER!!!!

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