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What DO YOU think?

Christmas, Hanukkah, or other holiday memories — sights, sounds, smells,  textures, stories you remember  (or have heard so often that you think they might be your own ) — share them in snatches of verse.

We’ve given you ideas in the past few posts and would love more of what makes up your world at this time of year. It’s also time to think about your New Year’s Writing Resolutions. Ready to share them, too?

We’ll announce the winner of our “Favorite poet / favorite poem” contest very soon. We must say, it’ s not been an easy decision. Our deepest thanks go to the brave souls who shared their thoughts.


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2 thoughts on “What DO YOU think?

  1. Writing resolutions:

    Submit more poetry for publication. I keep writing them, and they’re piling up.

    Finish editing the sci fi novel I’m almost done editing and submit it.

    Revise the sci fi novel I wrote for Nano, edit, and submit it.

    Decide what to write next (decisions, decisions).

    Keep promoting our anthology.

    And, gad! If I can bring myself to tackle the task, try doing some organizing of the piles of poems I’ve got stuffed into various folders in Google documents.

  2. My #1 writing resolution and life resolution is going to be not to stress so much, about the little things and the big things too. I hope I can keep it (crosses fingers and toes). 🙂

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