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Kristen's Post – a story to consider

Whale Song

If you love a good heart-warming story, you’ll enjoy this story about Sarah Richardson’s life. Eleven-year-old Sarah moves to Bamfield, Canada from Wyoming, when her dad gets a new job as a marine biologist. When she moves there, she encounters a harrowing life–she’s bullied, since she’s new and “white” in an Indian-dominant town, she has a crush on Adam, and she experiences her mom’s illness of PPH, all in part one.

In part two, her mom passed away, and her dad’s charged with her murder, when she doesn’t remember what happened that fateful day. When her dad goes to prison, she moves and lives with her Italian grandparents to Vancouver, and at eighteen, she lives alone and starts a new life.

In part three, she has an estranged relationship with her father between the visits and years go by, as she tries to remember what happened, when she’s an adult. In the end, she reunites with Goldie, her best friend, Adam her crush and new love, and her dad, when she remembers what happened and moves on. Also, it’s so informative on marine life and whales, that’s so touching and perfect for the story of forgiveness, love, loss and life. Bring your tissues!


(posted by Michele for Kristen)


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